What You Need To Know About Geophysics

What Applied geophysics is Basically About. 

The application of geophysics mainly uses the theories and methods of geophysics to study the relationship between the physical properties of geophysical fields and earth matter and the human living environment (including natural and artificial environments).

This relationship includes both geophysical fields The impact on human living environment and human health also includes changes in earth’s physical properties and geophysical fields due to changes in natural and artificial environments.

Applied geophysics has been used to solve environmental pollution monitoring, prediction of ecological environment changes, and inspection of environmental governance measures.
 When a geological body changes its environment (pollution, fragmentation, compression, etc.), it will produce corresponding geophysical effects, causing changes in various geophysical fields (gravity, electricity, magnetism, heat, seismic waves, radioactivity, etc.). This is the basis for applying environmental geophysical observations and research to understand and solve environmental problems.
Environmental geophysics has used almost all current research methods of geophysics when studying and solving environmental problems. According to the physical fields studied, it can be divided into electrical methods, magnetic methods, gravity methods, geothermal methods, earthquakes, and radioactive methods.
Research Trend
The current research on environmental geophysics shows the following trends:
① Advances in exploration technology and continuous improvement of data processing methods;
② Research on non-aqueous liquids is an important area of ​​environmental geophysics research;
③ Geological hazard prediction and environmental pollution monitoring Governance is still the main content of environmental geophysics research;
④ Geophysical technology in special environment needs to be developed;
⑤ Ecological environment research is a new hotspot in the future research of environmental geophysics. Although China’s environmental geophysics started late, it has made outstanding achievements in some aspects, especially in the investigation of radioactive pollution and the use of geophysical tomography to study environmental issues.
In response to the current status of environmental geophysics research in China, several countermeasures and suggestions for strengthening the development of environmental geophysics in China are proposed, including: increasing support and strengthening cooperation between systems; encouraging research on new theories, technologies, and methods of environmental geophysics Carry out multidisciplinary comprehensive research related to environmental geophysics; strengthen international cooperation, and focus on information exchange and other measures.
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