Welcome to Geo-Blog


We are very excited to start the new project Geo-Blog!

Geo-Blog is a platform serving as an opportunity for young geoscientists and students to share and publish their ideas, experiences and projects. Find other people with shared interests to discuss current topics and get valuable inputs from fellow young scientists. Every specialization is welcome to be a part of Geo-Blog! You are also invited to share your experiences in the field and find others to join your next trip.

We believe that the different Geosciences are working too seperately on topics of shared interest. The potential of synergies is large but often not used or appreciated. Our platform marks a step in the opposite direction by providing you the opportunity to share your own ideas and experiences as well as give feedback to others. We believe that a community that offers a membership to all geoscientists and students can bring together different perspectives on the same topic. This allows scientific discourses to open up and to think outside the box.

Feel free to join and write one of the first posts.


We are looking forward to welcoming you,

Tobias and Livia