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Soil Erosion Rates at a Global Scale – A Story about Sense and Nonsense of Modelled Data

We all agree that numbers and models are an important service of science for a various set of reasons. For instance, they help decision-makers in our society understand current and future trends and therefore contribute to a differentiated planning of development regarding numerous issues in the environmental, societal and economic sphere. One of the most […]

Is Urban Gardening a Social Innovation?

Over the last decade, “urban gardening” and “urban agriculture” became increasingly popular among public policy makers and civil individuals (Ernwein, 2014: 77). Those community-based initiatives are acknowledged for a wide set of reasons. For instance, they seem to promise a response to urban degradation (Kurtz, 2001: 656) and are believed to offer a potential for […]

Welcome to Geo-Blog

  We are very excited to start the new project Geo-Blog!Geo-Blog is a platform serving as an opportunity for young geoscientists and students to share and publish their ideas, experiences and projects. Find other people with shared interests to discuss current topics and get valuable inputs from fellow young scientists. Every specialization is welcome to be […]