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Machine Learning to Explore Geographical Data

Self-Organising Maps (SOMs)Exploratory data analysis methods such as Self Organising Maps (SOM’s) can provide an alternative way to analyse spatial data, especially when the data is multi-dimensional. 1 What are SOMs?Self-Organising Maps (SOMs) are a type of unsupervised Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). They were developed by Teuvo Kohonen in the early 1980’s and are mostly used […]

London Underground – The Journey of Life

This interactive web map explores life expectancy discrepancies between London Underground Stations. The output is a startling reminder of the importance of ‘place’ to people’s lives. It displays sharp contrasts between life expectancy on a small spatial scale. For example, Ladbroke Grove and Latimer Road on the Hammersmith and City line are separated by one […]